HAJI MANARA will be officially unveiled

FORMER Simba Information Officer, Haji Manara today August 24 has been introduced in Yanga for serving the team.

Manara who was in Simba for more than 7 years serving in the position of Head of Information Unit has made it clear that he will work in partnership with the leaders he has found within Yanga.

 Heading into Citizens' Week which is expected to culminate on August 29, Mkapa Stadium has made it clear that he will do great things.

He also added that the work begins tomorrow officially by launching a new jersey that has no edges and will be number one in quality.

Haji Manara's inauguration took place today at the Serena Hotel in a press conference that started at 12:58 p.m.

Introducing him to Senzo Mbatha who is the Chief Adviser for Change, he said that he is returning home and will work in partnership with others. 

"We are introducing him to the new administration and he is returning to work in Yanga. He knows his role and is returning home," he said.

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